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A Conference For Everyone - What The Delegates Said

Members, manufacturers and other interested parties all attended the AGDS conference on March 11th.

               And here's what some of them had to say about it.

Sheila Perez of Sussex Garage Doors said: "It was a lovely venue, very good food and very well organised. If anybody didn't enjoy it I really would like to see them arrange it better. From arriving, when we were greeted by Fred Wing, to throughout the day and night we were made to feel welcome and being our first AGDS conference we didn't know what to expect. It was enjoyable to meet like minded, professional garage door installers and manufacturers, catch up on what has happened and see what the AGDS have to offer for the future."

Sheila Tanner of AGD Dorflo Ltd in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, said: "It was very interesting and we were very pleased we went. The whole atmosphere was good and extremely informative. It was the first time we had been but we would definitely go again."

Gillian Etherington of E and M Garage Doors in Sale, Cheshire, said: "I did not particularly want to go but I was very pleasantly surprised. As a small company I quite often find these events cater to bigger firms but with this one there were some really good speakers who we found really interesting. John Timpson's speech definitely helped us and stressed the point that the customers are the most important and we must never forget that."

Graham Thompson of Garage Doors (London) Ltd said: "I had never been before but it was very enjoyable and informative. I saw a lot of people I have spoken to a lot of times but never met. There was a good mix of manufacturers and suppliers."

Rodger Meighan of Capital Garage Doors in Crawley said: "It was excellent and very informative. I had a very good day and could not fault it at all. The speakers were very good and the location was lovely, and the snow on the Sunday morning added to this. I think the national recognised qualification that was proposed will really sort the tradesmen from the cowboys. I think the qualification would also be good for safety reasons as well, as there are a lot of people out there who think they can fit garage doors when they cannot."

Sophie McInnes, one of the directors of Garage Master Ltd in Dorset, said: "It was interesting talking to other people in the same business. It was good to put faces to names and it was such a lovely venue."

Angela Small of A1 (Garage) Doors in Newcastle said: "It was great to see everyone again at the AGDS Conference. The planning and attention to detail was very impressive and professional. The afternoon session was entertaining and informative, from the guest speakers to how the AGDS has grown over the years, and the Vegas theme for the evening was excellent. There was a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. "Once again it produces positive thoughts, on how beneficial the AGDS is both to the garage door specialist and their consumers. Neil and I were pleased for Alan George to receive his award in recognition for his contribution which was very well deserved. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Alan is an absolute gent. "Thanks and praises to the committee members who put a lot of hard work into making the event happen."

John Coyle of Swindon Door Services said: "The speakers were very thorough provoking. I thought the evening was fantastic and I would like to make a special mention to thank PC Henderson Ltd who supplied gifts to everyone who attended. It was very good of them to do this. The whole weekend was very enjoyable and there were lots of benefits from it in terms of meeting other association members and airing views and goals."

Colin Reoch of SWS UK Ltd said: "It was a really good day and evening - I'm sure that those type of events take a lot of organising so from an attendee thanks for all the efforts."

Jon Bettell of Cardale Group Ltd in Brackley said: "It was a very interesting experience. It was the first one I have been to and I felt I learned a lot. It was good to meet a lot of the customers that we supply. I particularly liked the Timpson speech - this was very good. All in all it was a very enjoyable weekend."

Simon Hipgrave of Garador Ltd in Yeovil said: "It was very good. I find that the AGDS conference is a great way of getting to talk to people you deal with day to day in a non-working environment. It was really well organized. The casino was a great way of getting people to mix."

Nick Forder of Chamberlain Lift master UK in Yeovil said: "The conference was very well structured and the business afternoon was very informative. It was all rounded off well with the casino in the evening. So far, out of the three AGDS conferences I have attended, this was the best."