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Alan George was "lost for  words" after being presented with a Lifetime Achivement Award by the AGDS

The 76-year-old, who manages Door Fit Products in Hockley, Birmingham, has worked in the garage door industry for 49 years.

His work and commitment to the industry was recognised at the conference on March 11th.

Mr George said: " had no idea at all that I was getting this award.  It was unbelievable.  When they started talking about it at the conference I was thinking who is going to get it.  Then they said my name and I went up to the stand and was lost for words.  I think I said thank you!".

The grandfather of three says the industry has changed hugely since he was first working.  He said : "It is far more competitive that it used to be and a lot more technical.  I still really enjoy it though.  I have a lot of friends in the industry and the AGDS.  The AGDS is a brilliant organisation as it makes the industry so much more professional.

"People think I am crazy for still working but I ride show jumping and cross country horses and I play squash, and to do these things I need money. But I still enjoy working"

Mr George said: One of the highlight's of the working calendar is the AGDS conference and "This year was the best ever.  The business session was very informative and there was an excellent atmosphere.  I cannot put it into words how good it was."

Mr Alan George receiving his award from Paul Bate (Left) and Roy Chamberlain (Right).  Both AGDS Committee Members

Mr Alan George Award